Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Relaxing Weekend

Spent all day saturday running errands.

First to the storage locker, where we emptied out empty boxes, and added new empy boxes.

Then off to the mall. Hubby was told by his physical therapist not to put a wallet in his back pocket, it's bad for the back. So for weeks he had been complaining about not having enough pockets for his stuff. I forced him by gunpoint to Hechts where we found a nifty front pocket wallet that would handle all of the stuff in his wallet. Then I forced him to the cell phone store and bought him two belt carrying cases (he has a personal phone and a work phone), so now he complains that his pants fall down.

Then I drug him over to Home Depot for the stuff to fix the bathroom. Poor guy, he's been sickly, and tired, and I'm dragging him all over the store looking for grout, caulk, screws, tile, and finally drywall.

I only needed a small piece to fix the bath tub area, but all they had was the big honking sheets, so I got one of those. Wheeled it back to the cutting area (I KNOW they don't cut drywall, all I wanted was a knife so I could cut it into manageable pieces. Five minutes goes by, nobody. I looked for the little button that shrieks "ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED IN THE CUTTING AREA!", but didn't find one. Finally two guys that were busy carting a HUGE load of wood around (I didn't actually see anyone waiting on this wood), yelled from up the aisle "Do you need something?" "I NEED TO CUT THIS IN PIECES!" I yell back (how quaint). "WE DON'T CUT DRYWALL" the guy responds, and goes back to backing up the loud beeping cart thing. Seething "I JUST NEED A KNIFE!" (to cut your ... bad inner thoughts). One of the guys saunters back and hands me what had to be the dullest knife in the history of the world. I hack the board into 4ths, toss back the knife and walk away.

I have to say that I prefer Lowes to Home Depot for two reasons:
1.) Nicer people working there
2.) If you're looking for tile stuff, you'll find all of it in one area. You don't have to go get the tile, then find the adhesives section, then go look for grout somewhere, then search high and low for caulk, like you do at Home Depot. They're dead to me.

By this time its around 5, and hubby has to stop at work to make sure that his report (that takes three hours to run) has actually run. It did. Got home around 5:30, let the angry pups out one by one on a leash, then I went out and put up the plastic barricade and posts that I bought as a temp way to keep the pups from investigating the holes and falling in. They were much happier when I let them all out after that was up, the guys christened it all over. Meeshka tried to figure a way around it (you could see her thinking and plotting).


Despite the fact that I asked Meeshka to let me sleep, she got me up at 6am. I went back to bed after I let them in and fed them, she got me up again at 8am... nice.

Procrastinated over coffee until 9:30am, then went in and started the fun festive fix the bath tub wall escapade.

Around noon, my friends called, their ship had docked, so I went to pick them up (envious at their week of luxury and all you can eat food), got them home, loaded their stuff in their truck... ok, we watched while my friend's husband loaded their truck (and what an amazing job it was), they came in for a bathroom break and headed home. Poor hubby stayed upstairs, not wanting to contaminate everyone.

After everyone was gone, and hubby had fallen asleep (again) on the couch, back upstairs to cut the tile. Spackle is still a bit damp. Cut the tile, and after buying 20 tiles for just 5 spots, I'm pleased to announce that I only screwed up 2 of them while cutting them. A record for me. Got them glued on, did the grout thing.

The grout instructions say to use a rubber grout float. To me, this means popsicle stick, because that's what I had. Was forced to eat a popsicle just to have it (drat).

So now I can't do anything for at least a day, that's when I start caulking the crap out of it. Hubby managed to get out of bed and look at it and say "uh huh". Uh huh? 8 hours of work, and... sigh... he's sickly.

Laundry, puppies, dishes, dinner, feed puppies, and here it is, 9pm already.

I hope nobody bugs me at work tomorrow, I need some rest.

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