Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Progress, at last

So, to recap:

Friday we have 10 yards of fill dirt being delivered.
Friday we have a humungous grill and deck furniture delivered
Monday it poured rain, no work on the deck
Tuesday it poured rain, no work on the deck
Wednesday, FINALLY the guys were able to come out.

We came home to find the crew cutting up these huge tubes to put into the holes to keep them from collapsing, they were also spreading out the huge piles of mud into an even layer, making the yard look semi normal again! Happy dance!

We left them a note that told them they could pull up the posts to our barrier (to keep the dogs out of the danger zone construction area), and they could also pull away the huge drainage tubes we layed out if they were in the way.

We have huge drainage tubes running along the top of the ground on both sides of the house because the one near the sump pump sprung a leak and water was burbling out of the ground and washing away the yard again. We have one off the downspout on the other side of the house because while the crew was digging the massive holes, they cut through the sunken drainage pipe, so what was happening was water would go down the downspout, and straight into one of their holes. The lead guy told us that since he cut the drainage pipe, he would be more than happy to dig the trench for the new one for us, which we're very happy about. We told him to just dig the trench, we'll bury it, as we'd like to do other things with the end of that drainage to keep it from burbling up farther down the yard. Happy dance!

Apparently tomorrow the cranky county guy is suppose to inspect the holes (yep, those are holes, that'll be 40 bucks please), then they'll pour the concret and get building.

I HIGHLY doubt that they'll be done by the time the massive grill, deck furniture and fill dirt arrive as we had planned, but we'll figure something out. The main question is: will the grill fit through the front door, then out the back door onto the deck? We have no idea. If it doesn't, we may need a crane to get that thing on the deck, but we'll worry about that later.

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