Monday, May 30, 2005


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This is Nova, he's 16 years old. He's very hard to photograph because he hates the flash on cameras and camcorders. He runs away and hides even if we get the camera out. Our only chance of snapping him is outside, and only if he doesn't see the camera. Usually the moment you snap a pic of him, if the camera makes a noise, or the flash goes off, he's out of there.

Yesterday was the great rib tasting festival. We bought these humungous ribs at Costco and baked two slabs of them in the oven (because we don't have a grill yet, because we don't have a deck yet). Very tasty, but missing that whole "grilled" taste.

We also buried the sump drainage pipe. We dug out as far as possible, then starting hitting tree roots, and decided that was far enough. Dug a nice pit, threw some rocks in there, plastic back to keep dirt from clogging the end, and filled up the trench.

Today we mainly lounged around all morning, then went to eat at Carrabas, thanks to a gift card from a friend. It was definitely tasty, but I prefer Macaroni Grill or Pasta Plus over them.

A woman almost won Indy 500. I pity the poor guy that did win. I'm sure all of his friends are saying "yeah, way to go, you beat a girl".

We moved the server into the computer room last night, which means I finally have a living room again. Lots of room for the pups and all. It was getting a bit cramped down there once we moved the dog cages, then had the computer sitting there. I like it better down there now.

The dogs just finished a rousing game of bark bark bark bark bark, now they're napping. Hubby is steam cleaning downstairs again.

Tomorrow is back to work day. Ugh. At least I only have three days at work (then friday work from home) to deal with. I really need to hit a lotto or something.

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