Thursday, May 26, 2005

More Progress and Rambling

The deck holes passed inspection by the County, so the concrete got dumped into them today. Tomorrrow is the grand building of the structure, but it won't be done by the weekend. Guess we won't be lounging on the deck this Memorial Day weekend, grilling meats.

In a fit of sanity, we rescheduled the delivery of the fill dirt and the delivery of the grill and deck furniture for next friday. Since we're having the WORST spring in the history of the world, with the MOST rain ever seen in the history of the world, you can just blame us and the deck for that. At least the grass is growing nicely.

I have more pictures, but my card reader doesn't appear to work on my powerbook, so I have to go downstairs, load the pics on the crappy HP, upload them to Flickr (which is a cool place BTW), then posting them. I just haven't had the will to walk downstairs in a while (unless its to let the dogs out every 5 minutes).

I'm so glad that tomorrow is friday and I'll be working from home. This whole week has gone by sooooo slowly for some reason. Probably because its a long weekend. Now that we won't have a deck, or fill dirt, or stuff to put together, we have no idea what we'll do. I'm hoping we'll have the time and inclination to take the computer in the living room apart and put it in the back room so I can get some space back in the living room. I also have my ritual.

My Ritual

Every sunday on Memorial Day Weekend, the only race in the world is held, that's right, the Indy 500. I'm from Indiana, and as a Hoosier, I'm bound by law to watch it.

The ritual goes something like this:
1.) Turn on the race at the opening ceremonies
2.) Watch the opening ceremonies, and cry when Jim Nabors sings "Back Home Again in Indiana" (I get homesick)
3.) Cry when they start their engines (hey, it's personal)
4.) Watch the green flag come out, then the few first laps and fall asleep on the couch.
5.) Wake up after the race and have no clue who won.
6.) Watch the Guns of Navarone

Shut up, it's my ritual!

When I was growing up, they use to delay the tv broadcast of the race until later that night, so the family would grill out and listen to it on the radio. We use to mark down the laps where horrible wrecks occured, then time it just right on the tv where we didn't have to watch the whole race, just the horrible wrecks. Then usually some station would show the Guns of Navarone, so it became my tradition (I have it on DVD because you can't rely on tv stations anymore).

Reminds me of home, and the good old days when after it rained at night, we'd go hunting nightcrawlers to use for fishing (sounding a lot like a freakin episode of Mayberry), and grilling out, perfect weather, good laughs, good food, happy times. So I get homesick for Goshen, although once I get back there, I can't wait to leave. I miss my dad because we'd do a lot together and have fun doing it (because we were so alike), and generally I miss being a kid and not having a job, responsibilities and all the crap that adulthood brings.

Of all the holidays, I really like Memorial Day (honoring our armed forces and their sacrifices), and I love Thanksgiving (the stuffing of oneself with food) because there's really nothing expected of you, nothing really to buy like Christmas, Valentines day and all those other commercial holidays. Fourth of July is ok, but the idiots with fireworks spoil that one. Easter is good because of the ample amount of chocolate (I'm neo-pagan, never got into the whole Jesus thing), and the ability to buy animal shaped chocolates for sacrifices. do a google search on neo-pagans if you have no clue, here's a quick high level low down:, and no, we're not a bunch of whackos and we don't sacrifice living things anymore.)

Ok, rambled enough.

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