Monday, May 16, 2005

It's the Plumber, He's Come to Fix the Bath Tub

So, at 6:30pm tonight, the plumber arrives. He fiddles with the knob. No, it can't be that easy, and it wasn't. It's the whole "assembly" that needs to be replaced. Of course.

Our house was built before there was a building code, so of course there is no access panel to that part, so he'll have to cut a big hole in our closet wall to get to it. That's much better than ripping out the front and having to pay someone a zillion dollars to retile the stupid thing.

While he's out here, we're having him replace the kitchen faucet, because that's about to go tits up as well. Might as well do it before it starts flowing like a waterfall on a sunday night.

Nice guy, he's giving us the service plan discount, we just have to go out and get the fixtures and junk. You would think that would be easy, but apparently, our house was built before they had fixture codes, so we need a two knob thingamajiggie, and now all they sell are the one knob thingamajiggies. You can get the two knob ones online (takes 10 days to deliver), or you can get them in the store for about 400 bucks or so (from a reputable place... they have them for 80 bucks by Bob's Bath tub Knobs). I'm hoping they only show you that online stuff and they actually have more in the store, but I'm just deluding myself further. As hubby pointed out though, it would be criminal to pay the guy 700 bucks to replace 100 knobs and stuff.

So, we greased up the Amex, and on Thursday I'll have to remove all the crap out of the closet (which I had been planning on sorting through anyway, now is the time), then afterwards, we'll have to get some kind of panel to screw in there (in case we need to access that place again), then get some cheap shelving at Ikea because those shelves ain't going up again.

Cha CHING!!!!!

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