Friday, May 27, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like a deck

For a change, we had a beautiful day, and the crew was here bright and early to start building the supports. Amazing job they do, and it's just at the support part. As I walked the dogs in the back yard on their leashes (they always want to help, but without opposable thumbs, are unable to hammer a nail), I'd watch how they built the support beams and stuff. Pretty cool.

I sprung for pizza for them, the least I could do as they toiled for 7 hours without a break.

I haven't taken any pics with my camera, as it doesn't have a USB cord to connect to the PowerBook, so here's a link to hubby's site where you can view the various stages:

Speaking of cameras, I have my eye on the Sony DSCP200, the newer version of the one hubby has. Takes the same stuff as his, except for the cradle which is no big deal. Now that I have a PowerBook, I need something that will work easily with it. Currently I have to go downstairs, load the USB reader on the HP, upload the pics to it, then upload the pics to Flickr, which is just a HUGE inconvenience.

I'm suppose to get some money for surviving for 5 years at my company, so I plan on using that to pay for half of the camera. Of course I can't wait to get that dough because now that I know what I want, I want it not, so will probably end up going tomorrow to Circuit City and getting it and the dock, so I should be back up, loading pics by tomorrow. I'm so impulsive.

The pups are still made that 1/4th of their yard is unavailable. Meeshka managed to sneak under the barrier, just to prove that she could. She just stood there and glared at me "see, I did it!".

Something to ponder: Why does Emeril have a live band on his cooking show?

We've been watching too many barbecue shows on tv, now all we want is barbecue, but there are no good places around here for it. There was one, but it mysteriously went out of business. Best ribs around. I need to find another place with good ribs.

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