Thursday, May 19, 2005

I can't wait for this to be finished

I'll post pictures later, right now my brain is fried and I can't function.

I left work at 11ish today to go home, let the pups out, feed them, then go to a doctors appointment.

I get home, there's a trailer in the driveway, the back fence is open, and there's this loud roaring sound coming from the back yard. I walk back there. It's the deck guys. They said they would come back on Friday, but apparently they had an opening, and had returned to dig the footers and remove the plating from the house. Ok. One hand, that's cool, other hand (being a xenophobe) they didn't call or anything, so I'm a bit miffed, but happy that work is progressing.

Then... I look... and see that they have an auger and appear to be drilling to China. I knew they were going to dig big holes, but I can fit in one of these holes. Two days of hauling 10 yards of compost/topsoil into the back yard, carefully laying it out, making sure it was flat and beautiful. Weeks of nurturing grass to grow so it would be nice for when the deck came in... gone. HUGE piles of sand and muck were now covering the wonderful soil. The auger was ripping up the tender little grasslets. I pictured hubby coming home and having a stroke.

I go in, and proceed to take all 4 dogs out on a leash one at a time (further ruining their usual routine). Meeshka wants to play with the workers, and clawed me in her excitement. I didn't realize that I was bleeding like a stuck pig until I saw one of the workers gawking at the bloody arm. Just a small hole, a band-aid took care of it.

As Loki is finding a perfect pee spot, they pull the support beam off the house and it comes crashing down on top of the rickity back door stair railing. DAMN if it didn't hold. I was hoping it would shatter in a zillion pieces and they would offer to replace it with a nicer railing (instead of charging me, which I'll gladly pay for anyway, but still), damn the luck.

I eat, take the dogs out AGAIN, then go to my appointment, then to Costco for essentials, because I figure they'll be all done when I get back. How long does it take to dig humungous holes?

Well, longer than two hours, as they were by my return, hammering away at the concrete block for the back footers. Around 3pm they finished, and since it is suppose to torrential downpour all day tomorrow, we covered the holes as best as we could with tarps, contractor bags, a small swimming pool we got for the dogs, but all they'd do is drink the dirty water and wash their feet in.

Of course, the idiots that put the crappy deck on didn't seal it right, and they also cut our siding in the process, so for a zillion years, water had been seeping into the wood, and one of the boards needs to be replaced and some other boards as well. That'll be another $300, thank you.

Hubby came home and asked "Where did all that dirt come from?" As if for a surprise I ordered up more fill dirt and left it there as a gift. Um, the holes? I had to help support him when his knees gave out.

The dogs are not amused, I'm stressed out because every time I sit down to do something, one of their bladders needs to empty. Hubby is still sick and not happy about the whole hole thing.

Tomorrow, I get to deal with taking the dogs out in the rain, and the plumber. I dread that one, because who knows what he'll find behind that closet wall when he rips it open, and where am I going to put all of our toilet paper from Costco until we fix that big honking hole? These, and other answers (I hope) tomorrow, as the house turns.

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