Friday, May 20, 2005

Can it get any better?

We haven't had rain here in three months... the day after the deck holes are dug, torrential downpours lasting the whole day and night. Figures. This means that I'll have to use the bilge pump this weekend to bail out all the water.

The plumber is here. He's already installed the new kitchen faucet (so cool) AND the little soap dispenser that came free with the faucet (totally cool).

The bathtub is another matter entirely. He cut a small hole to access the parts he needed, and of course, the patch job repair I did on the dry wall and tile fell out. Lovely. He's still working on the tub, but I have some drywall repair and tile glueing to do this weekend to get the tub back in order. This time, at least, I'll have a nice little hole to work from to get access to the wall, instead of jury rigging something "that will do" from the tub wall.

Sigh! So much for a relaxing weekend.


So, while juggling the plumbing fiascos, there's a knock at the door. It's the deck company to make sure that since the county told them they couldn't build out that far from the house, that moving the deck over 2 feet wouldn't be a problem. I would have thought they would have checked that BEFORE they dug the big holes, but whatever. So out in the pouring rain we go to have a look. As we're looking the County inspector shows up. He's not happy, and wants to know of the contractor, why they didn't call to cancel the inspection because of the rain. Um, duh? Hello? No sense not to come out in the rain, you need to be told? So now, of course, the inspector will hate us, and make our lives miserable. The contractor guy asked him whether moving the deck would leave enough clearance for code and the contractor said yes (I should have gotten his name, I know this is going to bite us in the ass later). Inspector stomps off.

So now they're going to have to come back on Monday (like this mess is going to dry out by then) and redig the holes, but apparently everything is still on schedule for finish by next friday (I have no faith).

I let the dogs out once the plumber has finished and left, they want to go out, it's still pouring, now I'm soaked and they're still not happy. Fed them, took them out again, and noticed that the drain in the sunken back porch is not draining fast enough, water is building up. Lovely. The poor sump pump is working double duty and can't keep up with the water. Out I go with the handy dandy bilge pump to syphon off some of it. I'll need to go out and do that probably once an hour until the rain stops 8 hours from now (or so says). Hubby's Marine Corps rain poncho is quite handy, wish I had thought of wearing that hours ago.

So, to wrap up:
Fix the drywall in the bathroom
Holes redug on Monday
bilge pump the back porch periodically
wet, cranky me
wet, cranky dogs


And Finally

Just when I thought the day was complete crap, I get the mail and find an escrow account refund, and a refund from a credit card company because we overpaid them. With that money (that we didn't expect), we can now get the matching railing, and a new, more secure gate.

Sometimes things do work out, and I really love my new kitchen faucet.

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