Saturday, May 28, 2005

Are We Home Yet?

Today was run around and buy things day:

Starbucks (of course) for fraps

Lowes for trenching spades, rocks (drainage solution), grass seed spreader, and a thin piece of wood thing to cover the gaping hole in the bathroom closet.

Zips: dry cleaning pick up

Columbia Mall: barbecue sauce (even though we don't have a grill, we're going to try some rubs and sauces on ribs this weekend in the oven).

CompUSA, Grill store (sauce mop and grill pad)

Best Buy (I'll explain later)

Safeway (spices)

Circuit City (Sony DSCP200 digital camera)

Costco (big hunks of ribs and other foods)

Hubby has the Sony DSCP150 Digital Camera, and since they are obsolete now, all they have is the DSCP200, which is fine with me, it's smaller and cuter. I wanted to get it, and the docking station with it.

This morning I went onto the Circuit City Web site and selected the camera and docking station. It was available at the store down the road, so I added them both to the cart for in-store pick up, tried to pay for them, but it only put the camera in there. Hmm. Tried it again, same thing. Tried it again, but this time it said it wasn't at the store down the road, but it WAS at another store. Add them both to the cart... only the camera. E-mailed a nastygram to Circuit City and printed out the whole session (including where they were going to take 20 bucks off the price). We went to just about every place they sell digital cameras, and they would have the camera, no dock. Best Buy said they were sold out of the dock (I think she was lying, they never had it).

Finally got to Circuit City and posed the puzzle to the salesguy. He looked in their computer and was also confused, because it looks like its in the store, but its not. Apparently its available "on-line" but not at the store, even though it says its at the store. I'm thinking that this is another piece of vapor-ware.

I wasn't about to leave empty handed, so I got the camera. Until I can get a dock (if they even make them), I can hook it up to the power book with the USB cord it comes with. I even asked for the 20 bucks off and got it, so that's cool. I'm waiting for the battery to charge (4 hours) then I plan to use it. So exciting!

So, all the running around took us like 5 hours, and the pups were very angry. I appeased them with cheese and some food, and they've been napping with full stomachs. Of course, right after hubby steam cleaned the nasty hallway, old geezer Nova took a pee there (he's senile, and that's why we have steam cleaners). Sam decided to add to that before we could shove them outside, which meant another round of steam cleaning. The joys of marking dogs.

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