Friday, April 29, 2005

Our Dirt Pile

Today the Dirt Pile people came out and dumped our mulch/top soil mix into the driveway. This is our pile of dirt. We will be hauling this pile of dirt into the backyard to fill in the soil that has washed into the back of our yard. Of course, the weatherpeople say that it will rain all day tomorrow, so you'll probably see us on CNN trying to save our house from the mudslide that will ensue from the giant mound of dirt.

We bought a wheelbarrow the other day. We already have one, but felt that two would be good to have (you can never have too many wheelbarrows). The wheelbarrow (unlike the first one we bought) came in pieces. There were boxes that you had to choose from, depending on what sized wheelbarrow you bought. Of course, we grabbed the wrong box, so the parts fit a much LARGER wheelbarrow. Back to Lowes we go, and I'm hoping that if I act helpless enough (hey, the large sore on the corner of my mouth may at least scare them enough) they will put one together for us.

I've moved my computers out of the downstairs computer room and into the nook. Of course, all I did was move them to another room, but Microsoft's networking got confused and couldn't figure out what happened. I had to reboot the router and modem before it recognized that I was still here... just in a different room. I hate microsoft, just in case you hadn't noticed. Now I'm sitting at my new computer table (a real computer table, not a fold up table posing as a computer table), and hopefully this weekend, while its raining, or while we're recovering from hauling dirt all over the place, we'll move the server into the computer room, and I'll have a real living room once again.

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