Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's All Very Taxing

So, I'm doing my taxes (I'll pause while everyone takes that deep breath and moans because they've either already done theirs, or just cant face them yet).

The government is bickering over social security, there's news reports about how its going to get harder to file for bankruptcy (adding in a little something that says you have to pay back your debt... if I could pay back my debt why would I file for bankruptcy you morons), and I have to say:


If social security is the thing that's going to save me from eating cat food when I'm too old to work, then why do I need to put money into a 401K?

If social security is the thing that's going allow me to relax in my senior years, then why are all the seniors working at Walmart, they can't ALL be that bored?

All this bitching about rich people finding tax loopholes, and yet these same whiners won't approve a flat tax (everyone pays 10%).

When I was a kid, you retired at 63, got a watch and a pension plan from the place you worked for. Now I have to work until I'm 90 (ok, 67 or 70, or something like that) can't take my damn 401K money out until I'm 59.5 (what moron thought that age up), and the average lifespan of a human is about 66. OOOOH 3 good years of lounging... ok, 2, then I'm forced to greet people at a Walmart.

I get taxed when I make money, I get taxed again at the end of the year, I get taxed when I buy stuff, then I end up paying more in tax because I didn't take enough tax money out throughout the year.

So, we fought and won because we had taxation without representation. We've got representation now, doesn't seem to be doing much good.

I can deduct what I donate to charities, but if they stopped taking so much money out throughout the year, I'd be more inclined to donate more money to charity and not get a freakin deduction. What, we have to bribe people to be nice now?

Those forms! AMT, fair market value, itemize your colostomazation.

Ya know what? If NOBODY wanted to work for the IRS we wouldn't have this crap. I just don't see how someone can be either a telemarketer, or work for the IRS. These are evil people (both telemarketers and people working for the IRS), sadistic bastards one and all. There are other jobs out there people! Better jobs, jobs that will allow you to look yourself in the mirror and like yourself. Stop telling yourself that someone has to do it, because they don't. You could also look in a mirror and know that people don't hate you, like we all do... despise you... you suck!

Go get a real job.

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