Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Flat Tire

Two weeks ago I mentioned to hubby "hey, your rear passenger side tire looks low, better take care of it".

One week ago I mentioned to hubby "hey, your rear passenger side tire is almost flat, better take care of it this week, because next week is busy".

Today, Sunday, at 3:30pm, as we were going to Costco "Your tire is a pancake".

This is how my husband's family deals with everything:

Step 1: Ignore it. It'll go away on its own or resolve itself.

Step 2: Do something about it, don't fix it, just deal with it as little as possible, then ignore it again.

Step 3: Bemoan the fact that everything happens at the worst possible time when eventually you're faced with actually DOING something about it.

As in the case of pancake tire, his "solution" was to drive it to a gas station and put air in it.

A.) You don't drive on a flat. Not only will you end up buying a new tire, but you'll also be buying new rims, AND probably stuck out in the middle of nowhere when it finally disintigrates.

B.) What is air going to give you? Another day to ignore it?

I suggested (since hubby is currently on muscle relaxers for a bad back) that we call AAA and have someone come out and put the spare on. Ok, so it's in our driveway, who cares, I pay those people 200 bucks a year, they need to earn their money somehow!

His suggestion: change it ourselves. Which we did. It wasn't too much of a pain, but it was an hour of our time, and he's now laying in bed barely able to move.

So, here's a contest for you all: How long will it take him to take care of the now flat tire that is a spare on his truck? Please consult the family rules above before you answer that question.

My guess? The moment he gets another flat tire.

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