Friday, January 07, 2005

Latte Tsunami

There's some serious weather-related bad mojo going on with the world lately. If its not killer waves in the far east, it's devastating snow storms in the Midwest, floods in the west, and here in Maryland, it's suppose to get to 70 degrees on Tuesday... in January... this is insane. Then... killer latte tsunami!

Thursday was the 1 week anniversary of Clyde Rav. I decided to celebrate by going to Starbucks before work (ok, who am I fooling, I go to Starbucks every morning before work), and got a latte. As usual, I say goodbye to hubby (we go together, different vehicles). As usual, I open the driver's side door and reach in to place the sacred venti latte in the cup holder... but this time, things went seriously wrong.

Like out of a Sam Peckinpah movie, the cup slowly begins to tumble from my hand. My splinted left hand does nothing to stop its fall except propel it toward the center console of the RAV. In slow motion, it strikes the console, the lid flies off, torrents of hot latte spew out and up, splashing everywhere, the cup comes to a rest sideways on the driver's side seat.

I have a total mental meltdown. I rush to hubby's truck before he pulls away, fling open his back door and scream "I SPILLED MY FUCKING LATTE ALL OVER!", grabbing a box of tissues before running back to the scene. I'm cursing now for not getting leather seats after seeing just how wonderfully absorbent the cloth ones are. Hubby tries to console me, bringing some wet cleaning clothes to help with the disaster. I'm sobbing uncontrollably, kicked the venti cup and splashing more latte on the door panel.

He suggests grabbing some napkins from Starbucks, which I do, and we sop up as much as possible. When no more would sop, we give up, I use my jacket to sit on so my work clothes aren't saturated, and drive to work, totally dejected.

Everyone at work was compassionate (not laughing at first, thank you), and a good friend even called a detailing place to see if they would come clean the mess up for me. Funny thing about mobile detailers: they don't mobile detail in the winter, you have to go to them, and the one place close enough only did it by appointment on Thursdays. Ok, fine, but it's almost 60 degrees (in January) you'd think they would see how pathetic my situation was and help me out, but NOOOOOO!

I steamed cleaned the seats and back myself this afternoon. It was pretty disgusting, sucking up latte, finding out that a majority of it ran down the drivers side seat and into the back flooring. Now my seat is all wet from steam cleaning. Tomorrow I have to take out some shamis and see if I can't dry it. I'll stand there with a blow dryer on it all day if I have to. The thought crossed my mind to go buy a leaf blower (we had one, and used it to dry the dogs after baths... they loved it, but then during the great pipe burst of 2003, it got ruined).

So now (as literally everyone has explained) the pressure is off. The "new" truck is now my truck, it's had its baptism by fire. It could have been worse I guess. A ding, scratch, dent, shattered something. I'm lucky a steam cleaner could put it almost back to normal, but still....

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