Sunday, October 10, 2004

Debate II (Electric Boogaloo)

Once again we were sucked into the Presidential Debate on Friday (because we have no lives and weren't out partying and drinking).

Once again the usual jabs about the war, but Kerry said a few things about the war (that he hasn't run into the ground already) that intrigued us.

Of course there was the usual "faster, better training" thing, but now, he pledges to add an additional 40,000 active duty members... but he doesn't support the draft.

When Bush was asked about reinstating the draft he said "I will NOT reinstate the draft" (not a direct quote, he made it clear is all). When asked, Kerry said "I don't support the draft". Why does that scare me? He didn't say "I will not re-instate the draft", he didn't say "come hell or high water, I don't care there will be no draft"... he said "I don't support the draft". Kinda sounds like, well, while I don't support the draft, if we need to... Then he gave his "adding 40,000 more active duty member" speech.

Having never read any of his grandiose plans except for blurbs in the left wing news, I've figured out where he's going to get these 40,000 people. Being a democrat, and sympathetic to causes, especially of those homeless and out of work... Kerry is going to round up the homeless and unemployed and send them to Iraq!

It's a perfect plan! The unemployment rates will drop to 0, the homeless rate will drop to 0, he's providing people with jobs, food, health care, and they will solve that pesky Iraq problem for us!

Another thing that really (and I mean REALLY irked me), is when Kerry said "The american people can BUY into the same health care plan that senators and congressmen GIVE to themselves". Excuse me? They get their healthcare for free? I'm sure it's a really good health care plan then, but frankly, I doubt that anyone can afford that (other than those high paid senators and congressmen).

Another thing that irked me was his constantly saying "nobody knows how to do this but us"... as if we're all idiots and could never come up with a way to balance the budget (don't spend so damn much), or how to keep lawyers from driving up the cost of healthcare (shoot all the lawyers).

Here's another thing, Kerry is all for stopping outsourcing jobs to other countries, wants to keep jobs and money in the US... and yet he's all for buying drugs from Canada? How about we lower the cost of drugs in the US, keep the jobs here, keep the money here, and Kerry can go to Canada.

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